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Purchasing an Artwork of Horst Kohlem

If you are interested in or have selected a particular work or series of works by Mr. Horst Kohlem or you like the artistic style of Mr. Kohlem which appealed to your taste and you would like to commission his work, please call 1-561-347-9666 (USA-Florida) for individual pricing.

Also, please call for further information, availability of originals or limited edition prints and pricing, commissions or any other art-related service, please call 1-561-347-9666 or respond by email.

Ms. Bauer and her staff deliver professional, personalized service with integrity and enjoy the interaction and communication with other discerning art lovers (anonymity respected) and are available to meet the needs of the art buying public, the trade and corporate and private sectors.

Virginia Bauer has a reputation for quality, sophistication, style, discriminating taste, educating the buyer if necessary, fair pricing and outstanding customer service and she always provides a money-back guarantee with every transaction. Although, the purchasers pay shipping and insurance, they have a forty-eight hour grace period to determine their satisfaction of the purchase.

"I want you to love your art purchase;
I don't want it to end-up in a closet."

At that point the buyer must fax or email to Ms. Bauer's attention that the sale is final or not. If not, there will be a full refund of the net monies (except for shipping and insurance costs) to the buyer and with the stipulation that the piece is returned within seven days of purchase, in the same condition as shipped to the buyer.