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Biography of Bo Fransson

Bo Fransson is a Swedish landscape painter who creates impressionist artworks from his home in Skåne, in Southern Sweden. His paintings are primarily of his home region, an area that is frequented by artists and authors, Sweden's stunningly beautiful Österlen coast.

The artist also takes trips to the south of France to paint the landscapes and olive groves that are the trademark of the Mediterranean. In addition, Provence is famous for its flowers and farm fields, which serve as one of Bo's primary inspirations. His work, thus, covers the landscapes and beaches of both the South of Sweden and the South of France.

Bo Fransson is also an avid gardener and in the Spring and Summer, his home is blooming with flowers. When he is not painting, he can be found outside in the garden, which has grown to become one of the finest small home gardens in Sweden's southern region.

Bo Fransson has been exhibited in Sweden, Denmark, Germany, France and now online. He is one of the Österlen region's most well known and popular artists.