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Ms. Bauer's philosophy has always been to concentrate on a select, elite group of talented artists with fresh, distinctive styles, some relatively unknown, but all of international caliber, with a high concentration showcasing Florida-based artists. Today she represents these elite exclusively and globally through online exposure, and therefore, saves the artists' valuable time not only to create, but also her service helps lower their overhead costs.

"The artists need time to create, and I work diligently to promote and produce buyers for their pieces through extensive showcasing, public relations, marketing and advertising."

Her virtual gallery enables visitors any where in the world, 24-hour a day, 365 days a year, private previewing privileges. Her staff supervises the office details and record keeping and follow-up for the artist.

Her goal is to represent, showcase and place original, richly diverse, artworks of fine contemporary painters and sculptors. Ms. Bauer seeks to "exhibit and place, most importantly, fresh, very interesting abstract work, which evokes a spiritual quality in that it makes a unique and personal statement of the human condition and speaks to her individually. No matter what the medium, nor subject, the work must stimulate me emotionally and intellectually, it must take the viewer to a new level of reality or spirituality."

If as an artist, you feel that your pieces qualify and you wish to be considered for listing with me, please submit true examples of your work (five images only; with title, date, size and medium), preferably large-scale copies, along with your resume, copies of any press clippings, the extent of your inventory and a brief descriptive passage of your work and philosophy as an artist and how I may contact you for an interview/consultation.


If unable to submit images electronically, please send your photos, documentation and request to: (photos will not be returned.)
    Ms. Virginia Bauer, President
    Virginia Bauer and Associates, Inc.
    P.O. Drawer 688
    Boca Raton, Florida 33429
    (561-347-9666) * Fax (561-347-1958)

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