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About the Gallery

Virginia Bauer's dual major in art and English undoubtedly abetted and foretold her existing passion for art. An artist herself, a former instructor of Art Appreciation and Humanities, an International traveling bon vivant and a connoisseur of beautiful things has culminated in Ms. Bauer's successful approach to helping others find just the right art to enjoy and beautify a special place. Comfortably surrounded by her own artistic environment in South Florida, Ms. Bauer has used her experience as a businesswoman, co-founder of two national corporations, an interior designer and space planner and director of an art gallery in Boca Raton, Florida, to help satisfy her quest for creative fulfillment. Today, as a full-time art dealer, she purchases and sells high-end pieces internationally to the trade, corporate buyers and private collectors.

With this Internet resource art site, Ms. Bauer continues her mission for the new Millennium, to serve as an independent, reputable art advisor, dealer, and designer to place quality art pieces where they are "most appreciated and cherished."

Ms. Bauer's philosophy has always been to concentrate on an elite, select group of talented artists, some relatively unknown, but all of International caliber, with a high concentration showcasing Florida-based artists. Today she represents them exclusively and globally through online exposure, and therefore, saves clients' valuable time. Her virtual gallery enables visitors anywhere in the world, 24-hour a day, 365 days a year, private previewing privileges of this very interesting art. Also, interested savvy buyers benefit cost-wise, since Ms. Bauer's pricing is fair and reasonable, with money-back guarantees. (See our Purchase Policy.)

"Welcome, please come in and discover my exciting and beautiful collection and enjoy browsing leisurely through our featured artist, an original, powerful, insightful and bold collection of fine abstract contemporary art. Feel my passion for art. Open your mind to new ideas and experience the creative edge. Please, don't hurry. Spend some serious time evaluating your thoughts and reactions. Most of all enjoy your experience!"

If you are interested in or have selected a particular work or series of works or a certain artistic style appealed to your taste, and you would like further information, availability, pricing, bidding, commissions or any other art-related service, please call 1-561-347-9666. Ms. Bauer and her staff deliver professional, personalized service with integrity and enjoy the interaction and communication with other discerning art lovers (anonymity respected) and are available to meet the needs of the art buying public, the trade and corporate and private sectors.

Other services available by The VB Gallery:
  • Cooperation and coordination with decorators
  • High-quality, signed limited edition prints
  • Commissioned works, "Interactive art," & Individual portraiture
  • Sculptures, mobiles and assemblages
  • Personal consultations: art framing, proper lighting and placement of art
  • Qualified Artist Representation Program

As decorators and space planners at The VB Gallery, let us visually make your home more beautiful:
  • Visual Coordination of your existing home or office décor
  • Tiered "staging" consultations for potential sellers of residential or commercial Real Estate
  • Cooperation and coordination with Real Estate Brokers and their clients

Please contact us for a consultation.